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Jest Website Upgrade

Sébastien Lorber

Sébastien Lorber

Docusaurus maintainer

We are excited to present the new Jest website!

The Jest site was upgraded from Docusaurus 1 to Docusaurus 2, and is an early adopter of the newly released Docusaurus 2 i18n support.

So, what's new exactly?

What's new?#

Here's a good overview of the most visible improvements:

  • Dark Mode: change the color scheme through the navbar switch.

  • Modern navigation: we improved the navigation experience with client-side routing and prefetching.

  • Versions dropdown: it is now simpler to switch from one Jest version to another.

  • Progressive-Web-App: you can install the Jest website and browse it offline.

  • Search: try the new Algolia DocSearch v3 user-experience. It is now possible to search in blog posts.

  • I18n: Jest is the first website using the new i18n feature of Docusaurus 2. It is now possible to translate blog posts.

  • MDX: embedding React components in Markdown will allow maintainers to make the documentation more interactive.

For site translators#

If you want to help to translate the new Jest website, please use the new Crowdin project jest-v2 instead of the previous one.


In localized pages, the edit button now links directly to Crowdin.


Thanks to all the contributors that supported or reviewed this migration: Simen, Orta, Joel, Kristoffer...

Please report any problem on the migration issue.