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Jest 29: Snapshot format changes

· Одна мин чтения

Jest 29 is here, just a few short months after Jest 28. As mentioned in the Jest 28 blog post, this version contains just a couple of breaking changes, in order to make the upgrade as smooth as possible.

The only breaking changes that should be noticeable are:

  • Node versions 12 and 17 are dropped, both of which are EOL

  • The snapshotFormat property is changed to:

    + snapshotFormat: {
    + escapeString: false,
    + printBasicPrototype: false
    + }
  • jest-environment-jsdom has upgraded jsdom from v19 to v20

There are certain changes to the types exposed by Jest, but probably (hopefully!) nothing that should impede the upgrade. Please see the upgrade guide for more details.

That's it for breaking changes! Hopefully this means the upgrade path from Jest 28 is smooth. Please see the changelog for other changes.

Thanks for reading, and happy Jesting! 🃏